How to Keep Data Secure and Protect the Privacy of Your Customers


A data breach can create an immense amount of damage for any business. Hackers are known to steal personal information. Cyberattacks can have a negative effect on the business’s operations and result in customer churn regardless of the size or nature of business. The best way to prevent a cyberattack is to place security of data at the forefront of your business processes. This article will demonstrate how to guard your customer’s privacy and keep their data secure.

A firewall is one of the most efficient tools you can employ to stop unauthorized access to your system. It blocks data that comes in by blocking or allowing access in accordance with the rules established by your IT department. Firewalls are crucial to establish strong security protocols, together with antivirus software and multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires that users have two forms of verification to access your system. This includes something they know (password or password) as well as something they have (security token or mobile phone) and something they’re (fingerprint or facial recognition).

It’s important to regularly backup information regularly. This can be crucial in the event that information that is sensitive is lost or stolen. It is possible to backup data in various places, such as on your local computer, external hard drive, cloud storage and more. When backing up, it’s recommended to use the 3-2-1 backup technique, that is, in essence, three copies of your data stored in two different locations, and on at least one device that’s not connected to the original data source.

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