Online Repository Opinions

The development of internet repositories critiques is an important trend in academic investigate. These repositories allow students to connect their feelings, thoughts and findings in the form of preprints. They also enable authors to claim primacy above their operate, test out the validity of their ideas prior to journal submitter, gain global reputation and catch the attention of funding. Additionally , these repositories help in minimizing publishing costs (Ulikool, 2020).

The selection of the literature being used for this study was made in two categories, conceptual and experimental. The former observed articles that discussed the concept of a faculty repository while the other referred to a prototype establish on with experimentation. The chosen articles had been retrieved from Ebscohost, Emerald green Insight, Research Direct and Sage directories as well as quotation databases including Scopus and Web of Science. The search was done between the years 2015 and 2021.

The evaluation criteria of an on-line repository will include a number of elements such as the quality of the data, the level of entry to the lodged information, plus the user-friendly program. The database must be conveniently discoverable by search engines and social media networks and should give a variety of down load options. Furthermore, the repository should use common licensing agreements just like Creative Commons to ensure that it is easily usable with respect to other researchers. It should also have a FAQ section to answer any kind of questions that users might have. Finally, the database should be able to top equity research firms retain the content for a long period of time.

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