Election of Board Members for Nonprofit Organizations

Boards are powerful in a nonprofit organization, but they need the right people to make them effective. Board members should possess a passion for the cause and have the time and energy they can devote to their roles and abilities that advance your organization’s mission. The most effective method to attract them is by having a diverse board of directors with members from a variety backgrounds. This will enable you to gain a range of perspectives that are essential to making sound business decisions.

Many organizations have their own nomination processes. These may be outlined in your bylaws or they may require the creation of a nominating committee. A nominating panel could include the current board members or a neutral third party hired to conduct assessments. The nominating committee should be able to meet regularly and thoroughly examine the membership list, the bylaws and a description of the duties of each office and eligibility requirements for candidates.

The nominating board will select the candidates to be presented to the full board. Depending on the membership of your organization, this could be done by ballot or via a voice vote. The nominating committee can use an election platform managed by the committee, like myDirectVote or DirectVoteLive, to streamline the process and ensure transparency throughout the voting process.

Once the nominees are presented for selection the member group will employ a method for voting such as plurality or preferential nominations (depending on your bylaws). Preferential nominations let voters express their preferences in greater precision than simple majority voting. This gives you a more accurate information about the way that members of your group are feeling about each candidate.


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