How to Choose a Totally Free VPN For Android

A free VPN is a great option to improve the security and privacy of your Android phone or tablet. A free virtual private network is a great method to provide extra security and privacy when you connect to public Wi-Fi or to bypass geo-restrictions for the streaming services you use. Be aware that free VPNs typically come with limited features, slow speeds, and data caps. They usually don’t have the same features as premium VPNs with features like a variety of VPN protocols and server options.

On the Play Store you will find hundreds of free VPN applications. However they are mostly simple proxies that cannot secure DNS requests or traffic to the internet. Additionally are the fact that some of these VPNs will log your internet activities and sell them to third-party vendors. This is why you should select a secure and reliable free VPN for your Android device.

Choose a VPN which is free and has an app that is simple to use. It should also have important security features, such as a VPN Kill Switch that prevents your IP from being exposed in the case of a connection loss. You might also consider an option that allows split tunneling, which allows you to choose which apps are rerouted through the VPN and which operate outside of it.

NordVPN is a VPN for Android that is fast and secure. Snag a 7-day free trial and take advantage of their money-back guarantee to test out the industry’s leading VPN for Android devices.


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